Product Warranty / After Sales Service

  • All our products have a Lifetime Warranty against production defects, such as cracking, splitting, and any structural damage not arising from abnormal use. We will repair the furniture, free of charge, as long as the furniture has not been repaired by any other contractors, and are still in the country.
  • Our Lifetime Product Warranty does not cover damages arising from abnormal use or damages caused by the user or pets. We can provide repair services at a cost.
  • The Warranty does not cover damages arising from natural disasters, such as flooding or fire.
  • The Warranty does not cover damages arising from Second-hand transporting of the furniture. We recommend that you take out insurance when transporting inter-state or overseas.
  • Our wood have been kiln-dried to its maximum dryness to prevent cracking even in the most extreme weather. However, wood is 100% natural. We cannot predict its movements from time to time. If used in an extremely dry (Low Humidity) locations, it’s best to use a humidifier to keep the furniture in its best condition.
  • Refinishing / Repolishing services can be provided at a cost. The cost depends on the extent of work needed.