Furniture Care
When you purchase Aneka Meubel furniture, your furniture is exclusively handcrafted with pride, care, and & utmost attention to detail. From lumber selection to the final inspection, all is done individually and our focus is on building furniture that will exceed not only your expectations but ours as well.
We always strive to deliver your treasured furniture pieces in the best condition possible. However, the ongoing care & maintenance at your home are what makes these heirloom pieces stay beautiful for a long long time. That’s why we would like to provide you with the information below to help you maintain the beauty of the furniture so you can pass it on generation to generation:
Know your Solid wood furniture better:

Wood Characteristics

Each tree, piece of lumber and individual board of wood are unique.  As such, the natural grain variations and color will cause the wood to  react differently to a finish.  It is common to have contrasts in the same piece of furniture, even when all the material came from a single  
plant.  Mineral streaks, pitch pockets, knots, small pits, etc. are natural and in no way affect the furniture's durability or integrity and are not  considered defects.  
Aneka Meubel cannot guarantee boards free from these naturally occurring conditions and we embrace this to magnify the beauty of solid wood furniture.

Climate Effect

The wood in furniture and throughout your house continues to exchange moisture with the air as it responds to climatic changes in your home. It responds to extremely dry air by losing moisture and shrinking a bit.  This will correct itself as the relative humidity rises and the wood absorbs enough moisture to expand slightly. Seasonal wood movement on solid wood products is normal and not considered a defect, that is why all the panelling of our furniture adopt a “floating panel system”  to allow for natural fluctuations of temperature and humidity. These natural changes do not affect the furniture’s quality or sturdiness. If the climate gets extremely dry, it advisable to control relative humidity and temperature by having a humidifier in the room.

Proper care and cleaning of furniture preserves its beauty!

Protection on the Finish:
  •  Hand Polish Finish
    This is not water or heat resistant: If water spills onto your furniture,Immediately wipe it. Always rub with the grain. Water will cause white spots in the finish in a short amount of time. Other liquids, such as finger nail polish & remover, alcohol, perfume, and medicines can severely damage the finish of furniture.
  • Polyurethane Finish:
    This finish is water-resistant but not heat: Always put a coaster or pad if you want to put a hot pot or hot plate on the surface. You may use a little amount of soap liquid on a soft cloth to clean food grease on the surface of  the table but wipe
  • Do not expose furniture to direct sunlight continuously if you can, since long term exposure to sunlight will cause the finish to fade. Using sheers on your windows can help to minimize the effect of direct sunlight on your solid wood furniture
  • Avoid using product that contain solvents such as Nail polish remover, some potpouri product directly on a wood surface, it could damage wood finishes when it spills
  • Avoid placing plastic, rubber or acrylic materials (stick-on feet, placemats, etc.) on your furniture since the chemicals in these products may react with the finish and cause severe damage. It is better to use a piece of felt or cloth under accessories (such as lamps, statue or other objects) that could scratch or dent the surface of your furniture.  
  • Place a protective pad on the surface of your furniture if you are using it as a writing surface. Pens and pencils can easily leave an imprint and mark the finish.
  • Avoid excessive scratching by lifting objects instead of dragging them across wood surfaces.  This is especially important with ceramics that have rough surfaces on the underside. (you may expect some small scratches on some finishes through normal daily use, furniture wax can minimize the occurance in some cases, but be sure to test the product and carefuly follow the manufacturer’s instruction. For daily care and cleaning, just use soft damp cloth (eg: chamois cloth). Applying a quality furniture polish or wax once a year will also add to the life and beauty of your furniture. Avoid over-polishing.  We recommend no more than two  times a year


Our furniture is constructed to be in a level position.  All doors and drawers are evenly aligned when the furniture leaves our factory.  
However, most homes have variations in floor level which caused by age, type of construction,  uneven carpeting, etc., that may result in misalignment of your furniture, to fix this, use a felt under the feet/base of the furniture .
If you have any questions regarding their care, we are always ready to help.