What wood do Aneka Meubel use & where does it come from?

Aneka Meubel uses Mahogany wood exclusively for our furniture, due to its beautiful grain & its ability to be kiln dried down to a very low moisture content (MC) level. We select logs which are over 60cm in diameter, so that we get larger planks of wood to work with.

We are very concerned about illegal logging activities in Indonesia and the effects it has on the environment. Therefore we only use Legal Plantation Wood mostly from Central & West Java, which have full legal certification from the Indonesian Government.


How do Aneka Meubel minimize the risk of wood cracking/ splitting/warping?

All our mahogany wood is kiln dried for a minimum of 3 weeks, to achieve a low MC of 8-10%. Only then the wood is approved to go into production. After it settles down as furniture, the MC level would rise to about 12%, and this will minimize significantly the risk the furniture cracking under extreme weather conditions.

That’s not all, our joinery & paneling techniques also allow for micro wood movements, preventing cracks/splits even further.

Could Aneka Meubel build custom/bespoke pieces using my own design?

Yes. That’s what we do best. As long as it’s technically possible to do with solid wood, we can build it for you. Our design team will help you step-by-step in creating your masterpieces.

How long does it take to custom-order pieces of furniture at Aneka Meubel?

It generally takes about 8-12 weeks to have a custom-ordered furniture made. This includes the designing & sketching, wood preparation, handcrafting, and finishing/staining processes.

Do you have any ready-to-buy stock items in your showroom?

Yes we do have some floor stock that you can purchase & we can deliver immediately. You can check out what we have on the Products – Floor stock section of this website. We update them weekly. Or you can always drop by our showroom to see them in person.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we are working closely with relocations companies, who can usually handle our customers’ move internationally. This is usually the simplest & most economical way of shipping the furniture internationally.