Aneka Meubel - Maker of Fine Solid Mahogany Furniture in Jakarta since 1975

This is where our experienced craftsmen pour in their skills, passion, and technical know-how into our products. All our items are 100% handcrafted to upheld our long-running tradition. Every shape and carving is carefully thought out by our talented craftsmen.



At this stage of the process, our finishers give final touches to the furniture. Elements such as wood colors and hardware are put together to create a final piece that reflects sheer individuality and elegance.



The Material

Here at Aneka Meubel, we only use the highest quality mahogany wood. We carefully select each log of wood to avoid cracks and defects.

The finest quality mahogany wood is then kiln-dried and treated for approximately 3 (three) weeks. Only after then, we consider the wood ready for handcrafting and store at our workshop.